University of Manitoba GISHub

ESRI Site License Integration using ArcGIS Online, Hub and Enterprise


  • Meg Miller University of Manitoba
  • Mullai Manickavalli University of Manitoba



This review provides an outline of the solution the University of Manitoba Libraries has implemented to integrate their ESRI Educational Site License. In looking at the tools available the project came to encompass the following:
1. Semi-automated management and integration of UM ESRI site license using campus authentication methods
2. Discovery and access point for proprietary and open researcher data
3. Secure local environment for active-use geospatial datasets using ArcGIS Enterprise
The following discusses the software specifics, use cases, and lessons learned in a Canadian academic library context.




How to Cite

Miller, M., & Manickavalli, M. (2021). University of Manitoba GISHub: ESRI Site License Integration using ArcGIS Online, Hub and Enterprise. Bulletin - Association of Canadian Map Libraries and Archives (ACMLA), (168), 14–21.



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