From the Hip - My Experience with an Interdisciplinary SSHRC Grant


  • Colleen Beard Librarian Emeritus, Map, Data and GIS, Library, Brock University



Please welcome as guest author our long-standing colleague and friend Colleen Beard, Librarian Emeritus, Map, Data and GIS, Brock University. Colleen’s account of her ongoing research opens our eyes to the fascinating environmental history of the Welland Canal. She shares her experience of involvement with a SSHRC Insight Development Grant-funded project, and explains how knowledge of local environmental history and the varied technical skills of our trade have much to add to academic partnerships. As we redefine the nature of our work and reconsider research library mandates, the trend towards becoming full partners in research is important - a wonderful challenge and opportunity for many of us. Thank you, Colleen for continuing to inspire and lead us! We’ll see you at Puddy’s Bar & Grill for the next HWCMP talk!

Barbara Znamirowski (Editor, GIS Trends)