December 15th: Poetry as an Integrative Outlet

  • Gillian Margaret Belcher


This poem is about receiving abusive behaviour and feeling as though it has now become a part of you that cannot be "washed" away. The reflection aims to explain how the act of writing poetry in response to difficult life events like the one addressed within this piece demonstrates how a particular way of knowing (how to write poetry) can act as a release or outlet for another internal way of knowing (lived experience). It reflects the benefit of integrating different types of knowledge within a singular mind rather than only focusing on positive outcomes that arise from combining knowledge present in two separate entities. Combing knowledge from various academic disciplines is important to enhance research and understanding within different fields of study. However, it is important to recognize the benefit of combining lived experience with an artistic outlet. It can allow for improved mental health and emotional connection among human beings which I believe is just as important as advancing knowledge within academic fields.