Far East Film festival, Udine

  • Yvonne Ng


INTERVIEW WITH FEDERICA DINI, FAR EAST FILM, UDINE, ITALY Federica Dini served as Secretarial Editor of the third edition of Far East Film festival (April 2001). She spoke to Kinema's Yvonne Ng. Kinema: It seems rather unusual to have a festival concentrating fully on Asian cinema here in Udine. How did the Far East Film festival come about?Federica Dini: Actually, the festival started fifteen years ago. It was and is still called the Udineincontri Cinema. It was only recently that we decided to focus on Far East cinema. Since its beginning, the festival has concentrated on popular cinema. So one year, you would have European westerns, the following year, Italian cinema of the 1950s and so on. It was a theme festival, and the subject matter changed every year. But in 1998, we programmed Far East cinema for the first time and it was called Hong Kong Film....

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