Emil Radok and The Taming of Demons

  • Jiří Voráč


EMIL RADOK AND THE TAMING OF DEMONS: THE CZECH INVENTOR OF THE MULTI-SCREEN SHOW IN CANADIAN EXILE In the Cold War era Canada was one of the main destinations of anti-Communist exile where many Czechs (and Slovaks) from the film domain found asylum. In particular, the strong wave of refugees following the 1968 Soviet occupation of Czechoslovakia found a relatively benign milieu here, as the Canadian film industry and education system was developing rapidly at the time. The generous acceptance of Czech film exiles(1) was a reflection of the world-wide response to the Czechoslovak "film miracle" of the 60s and specifically also to that country's successful presentation at EXPO 1967 in Montréal.(2) Probably the most distinct Czech "mark" in the history of Canadian audio-visual culture was made by the experimental work of Emil Radok who had become famous as the founder and representative of the so-called multi-screen show. I.