Rotterdam 2004

  • Gönül Dönmez-Colin


INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL ROTTERDAM 2004 Thirty third International Film Festival Rotterdam (21 Jan - 1 Feb 2004) offered a wide selection of films for the VPRO Tiger Awards Competition. A wonderful surprise from China was Zhifu (Uniform), debut feature of Diao Yinan, a digital film set in an industrial city in a remote part of China. The protagonist who has a small job in laundry tries to have his sick father receive pension from the closed down factory but gets nowhere. One day, he comes across an unclaimed police uniform and his life takes a new direction. Picking up a nice girl is not a problem when he wears the uniform. He even manages to earn extra cash by receiving bribes. The anti-hero's fall is evident from the start but what makes the film special is its depiction of a China less explored on the screen. The portrayal of...