Leipzig 2004

  • Dorothea Moritz


LEIPZIG INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL FOR DOCUMENTARY AND ANIMATION FILMS 2004 At the closing of the awards ceremony for the 47th Internationales Leipziger Festival Für Dokumentar- und Animationfilm (19-24 October 2004), Boris Baberkoff sat on stage and played on his cello Bach's "Fifth Suite in C-Minor." Boris, incapacitated in 1998 by a severe stroke in New York, had "beaten the odds" and was back in form. His wife, Katarina Peters, had the strength to remain at his side. Her survival strategy was to make use of a video DV camera as a diary. Thus Am seidenen Faden (Stroke, Germany) is a film that radiates courage. Katarina also confides her worries on video: Will her beloved husband remain a invalid? Will they have enough money to pay the bills? But the pair are indeed fortunate. Boris is endowed with an admirable will to live. A neatly structured and edited documentary, Katarina Peters's Stroke...