Interview with Ron Holloway

  • Felix Neunzerling


INTERVIEW WITH RON HOLLOWAY ON OCCASION OF HIS BERLINALE CAMERA AWARD 2007 ZOOM: Your career as a film journalist is directly connected to international festivals. How long have you been associated with the Berlinale? My first visit to the Berlinale was in 1965.At the time I will spending a summer at the Cinémathèque Française, "pirating" rare film prints from New York distributors to Henri Langlois for his archive. Langlois gave me a courtesy pass to all Cinémathèque screening. One day, Lotte Eisner at the Cinémathèque suggested that I visit the Berlinale and see what the young German filmmakers were up to. So I took an Air France flight to Tegel, at that time a barn instead of a terminal, and spent a week at the Zoo Palast as an accredited journalist for Film Society Review in New York. When did you visit the Berlinale together...