Interview with Filmmaker Pat Murphy

  • Desmond Bell


FILMMAKER Pat Murphy began studying art at the Ulster College of Art and Design and was the first European to spend a scholarship year at the Whitney Museum of American Art. She holds an MA in Film and Television from the Royal College of Arts, London. Pat Murphy was a founder board member of Film Base in 1987, and has taught Film Studies and Film History at a number of institutions. She is currently a lecturer in Film Studies at Queens University Belfast. Her Films include Maeve (1981) Anne Devlin (1984) and Nora (2001) which was selected for the Berlin Film Festival and won the First prize at the Trieste Film Festival for Best Script. (1) SOURCES Desmond Bell: Pat - where did the idea for the film Nora come from? Pat Murphy: It originally came from Brenda Maddox's book of the same name.(1) I...