Cinema and Visual Studies in the Digital Era Blue

  • Asbjørn Grønstad


'NO ONE GOES TO THE MOVIES ANYMORE:'(1) CINEMA AND VISUAL STUDIES IN THE DIGITAL ERA BLUE WITHIN the variegated domain of media studies, convergence seems to be one of the buzzwords of the day. Forms that were previously discrete entities merge into new constellations, in the process uprooting the entire ecosystem of the media. Business conglomerates merge, on the cultural horizon new technologies continuously emerge, and the different artistic practices flow seamlessly into each other to produce works that are thoroughly hybrid and transaesthetic. The landscape of the arts and the media already looks radically different from what it did less than a decade ago. Coinciding with all these changes is another and – in Europe, at least – perhaps less heralded kind of convergence, which is first and foremost institutional and disciplinary in nature. This is the relatively recent appearance of the field of visual studies, also...

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