The Role of the Unconscious in Marnie and Three Colours: Blue

  • Veronica Johnson


THE ROLE OF THE UNCONSCIOUS IN MARNIE AND THREE COLOURS: BLUE The unconscious completely eludes that circle of certainties by which man recognises himself as ego. There is something outside this field which has every right to speak as I, and which makes this right manifest by coming into the world speaking as an I. It is precisely what is most misconstrued by the domain of the ego which, in analysis, comes to be formulated as properly speaking being the I.Jacques Lacan(1) Film excels at documenting the life of the ego. It is a medium which depends on the portrayal of the conscious actions of the protagonists for its appeal. The narrative of a film is unfolded through these actions. Anything which is "outside this field" of conscious action is more difficult to capture on film; thought processes, imaginings, dreams and wishes present filmmakers with...