Third Cinema Theory: New Perspectives

  • Nicola Marzano


THIRD CINEMA THEORY: NEW PERSPECTIVES Synopsis     This article tries to address established notions of Third Cinema theory and its film makers from developing and postcolonial nations. The 'Third Cinema' movement called for a politicised film-making practice in Africa, Asia and Latin America, since its first appearance during the 60s and 70s taking on board issues of race, class, religion, and national integrity. The films investigated in this paper, from directors such as Sembene, Getino, Solanas and Guzman, are amongst the most culturally significant and politically sophisticated from this movement and which denote the adoption of an independent, often oppositional stance towards commercial genre emanating from the more developed capitalist world. However, despite the contemporary popularity and critical attention enjoyed by films from Asia and Latin America in particular, Third Cinema appears to have lost its momentum. This article wants to bring Third Cinema back to attention. There are...