Woody Allen as Impossible Cassandra

  • Alessandro Zir


IMPROVING ON ST. PETER: WOODY ALLEN AS IMPOSSIBLE CASSANDRA Woody Allen always invited a dose of nihilism, disguised in the very laugh of the audience. A sadism directed to nobody but he himself, who people identified with his characters. Whatever is the truth concerning his older movies, in the last ones, the audience finally discovers him at his best, maturated from all abject humility. Being or not in the movie, he now accompanies it, and accompanies the public, as this Splendini of Scoop (2006): a false father, awkward, lonely, sceptical, of the "narcissistic persuasion", but in the same way disarmed, caring, reliable, if clumsy. For sure, he is not going to hurt you. He fails, of course, when it comes to save you, but he will die trying. He is the loquacious quintessence, almost a spirit of séance, of the gentle nitwit, in the best tradition of Chaplin. Cassandra's...