Toronto 2010

  • Brandon Wee


TORONTO INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL 2010 HIGHLIGHTS Having leapt into the exclusive club of industry film festivals of late, the Toronto International Film Festival nevertheless marked a transitional phase this year when it unveiled the Bell Lightbox, a donated piece of downtown real estate that is now home for year-round public programming and events. And in a shift indicative of its ambition, programming for TIFF's 35th edition (9-19 September 2010) hinted at a desire to distinguish itself from a growing pool of international rivals. Though its annual selection of films from Asia is usually conservative, this year's crop of titles was notable for bringing into relief the intricacies of intra-Asia and transnational cooperation among filmmakers. Here's a look back at ten notable titles: 13 Assassins (Miike Takashi, Japan 2010)Coming off as more square - but no less wildly entertaining - than many of his previous films, Miike Takashi's latest...