Film, Arts and Culture as Community Outreach Tools

  • Victor S. O. Yu


FILM, ARTS AND CULTURE AS COMMUNITY OUTREACH TOOLS: PERSPECTIVES FROM SINGAPOREIntroductionSingapore’s vision of nationhood involves a sense of shared destiny based on multiculturalism. It cultural and creative vibrancy can be seen in terms of economic, political and social conditions governing the production and distribution of expression. Much coordinated efforts among government, businesses, filmmakers and arts leaders have taken place to ensure the arts and culture industry is creating significant economic benefits to the country. Every major city in the Asia Pacific region is in the race for talent, competitiveness and economic success. In many of these cities, film, arts and culture is playing a central role in economic development and community life. It is essential to integrate film, arts and culture into Singapore’s economic development initiatives and increase the vibrancy of and financial resources for its film, arts and cultural sectors. Singapore has often...