Remarks on the Actual Status of Romanian Cinema

  • Christina Stojanova


ROMANIA ON THE MOVIE MAP: REMARKS ON THE ACTUAL STATUS OF ROMANIAN CINEMA This was my second trip to Romania after more than 20 years, and I was grateful to enjoy the beautiful city of Cluj, the people, the relaxed atmosphere. And certainly the considerate organizers of the festival and its young volunteers! But the most rewarding experience of my trip was watching Romanian films 'on site' - that is, in their own context, in the close proximity of filmmakers, film stars, film critics and of Romanian viewers. The round table discussion, hosted by the Romanian Film Critics' association and helmed by Dana Duma, Magda Mihailescu and Mihai Chirilov (artistic director of the Toronto International Film Festival), is yet another congruous - and already traditional - event, where film critics from all over the world gather to compare notes on the status of Romanian cinema. Although I intervened...