Reversal of Gender Roles in Twin Peaks and Fire Walk with Me

  • Antonio Sanna


LAURA PALMER WAS BOB'S MASCULINE DAUGTER: REVERSAL OF GENDER ROLES IN TWIN PEAKS AND FIRE WALK WITH ME AbstractIn my paper I shall analyse the cult TV series Twin Peaks through a gender perspective. I shall argue that Laura Palmer could actually be seen as BOB's daughter because she impersonates male predatory sexuality and attitudes. I shall also argue that the behaviour of BOB could be seen as very similar to that of all of his victims through the same masculine attitudes they exhibit. In my reading, the series and the film will be considered as an unfolding narrative resulting from the comprehensive work of both its creators David Lynch and Mark Frost and the team of its writers and directors. THE CONTROVERSIAL and much-debated TV series Twin Peaks by David Lynch and Mark Frost was divided in two seasons which were aired between 1990 and 1991; it...