The Cinema and Real Time

  • Jacob Potempski


THE CINEMA AND REAL TIME: AN INVESTIGATION OF THE MEDIUM'S RELATION TO TIME Christian Marclay's deranged clockCHRISTIAN Marclay's The Clock (2010), the film that won the Golden Lion at this year's Venice Biennale and was quickly snapped up by a number of major galleries (including MOMA and the National Gallery of Canada) is literally a clock, or a perfect simulacra of one. Having found a clip for every minute of the day, Marclay spliced them together to form the moving-image of a 24-hour clock, which, as if to make the likeness complete, is projected in real-time. The discovery that there is an image for every minute of the day serves as a reminder that the cinema has always been concerned if not obsessed with time. However, the concern has not always been with real-time. One could even say that the cinema has always presented us with the opposite;...