Music and Art in Tareque and Catherine Masud's Film Muktir Gaan

  • Rehnuma Sazzad


THE ROLE OF MUSIC AND ART IN TAREQUE AND CATHERINE MASUD'S FILM MUKTIR GAAN The Bangladeshi documentary Muktir Gaan (Song of Freedom)(1) by Tareque & Catherine Masud earned international recognition as did the directors' autobiographical Maatir Moyna (Clay Bird).(2) The statement of the juries of Film South Asia '97 reads: 'For its powerful recreation of the euphoria of an event long forgotten by the world, the Jury would like to make a Special Mention of the film Muktir Gaan by Tareque and Catherine Masud.'(3) The euphoria of victory brought by Bangladesh's Liberation War against Pakistan in 1971 was an event of profound political significance. The author aims to shed light on the form of realism the documentary presents, which is enhanced by its remarkable use of music and cinematic techniques. The discussion also brings out the question of cultural resistance of the Bengalis in what was...