Vesoul 2013

  • Gönül Dönmez-Colin


20th VESOUL INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL OF ASIAN CINEMA (11-18 February 2014) Vesoul International Film Festival of Asian Cinema is a rare event not only in its program dedicated solely to the cinemas of Asia, but also in the manner it is run, which is an important factor in drawing film-lovers from all over the world every year to a rather ordinary town in the middle of winter. A family affair, with Martine and Jean-Marc Thérouanne at the helm, the opening night commenced with a cocktail in their house, followed by a ceremony at the largest theatre in town. For the 20th anniversary, the concert from Vietnam, the traditional dance show from the Philippines and a Jô-do martial art performance from Japan were followed by an inspiring film on the twenty years of the festival that started with one small theatre for projection and an adjacent tent for meetings, with Mr...