Interview with Akira Kurosawa

  • Fred Marshall


THE EMPEROR OF FILM: NO, NOT YET! Fred Marshall speaks with Akira Kurosawa about his new film Madadayo (No, Not yet!). "When I make a film like this, it makes me so happy," said the "Emperor of Celluloid" Akira Kurosawa upon the completion of his latest motion picture Madadayo which is to celebrate his Silver Jubilee of filmmaking. Madadayo is Kurosawa's thirtieth motion picture, and at a special press conference in Tokyo's Capitol Hotel, the director went on record to say that at 83, he still has no other intentions then to make films. Madadayo was completed at the end of 1992; it is to be released worldwide after its Tokyo premiere in Tokyo in the first half of 1993. Location shooting was done in Gotemba city, about 145 kilometres west of Tokyo, where sets showed the burnt homes and devastation of postwar Japan. In addition, huge open sets...