An Extraordinary Confession


  • Jan Uhde



THE Polish director Krzysztof Kieślowski is known to the world mainly through his films. Now, at the zenith of his professional career, he has added to his work a captivating autobiography. In this document, the artist offers valuable insights into his life, work and mind. He discusses metaphysical questions, reveals something about his philosophy, opinions, artistic concerns, and idiosyncrasies. Frequently, he turns his attention towards mundane practical problems and dilemmas encountered on the set, and their repercussions. Kieślowski on Kieślowski is largely based on interviews recorded and translated in Paris in December 1991, May 1992, and Summer 1993, by the England-based writer Danusia Stok. The text also includes quotations from Kieślowski's Guardian lecture in London (April 1990) and his reflections published in the Swiss cultural monthly Du. The introductory part of the autobiography casts light upon the author's childhood and youth, particularly on the consuming sickness (TB) of the artist's...






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