Hong Kong and Singapore 1997

  • Hai Leong Toh


THE PRESTIGIOUS 21st HONG KONG International Film Festival, which concluded on 9 April 1997, presented its largest and perhaps the greatest collection of global cinema with some 280 films and video works. This year, this non-competitive festival attracted more than three hundred festival guests and major critics from all over the world with more than half of them coming from Japan and East Asia.  Its humbler counterpart, the Singapore International Film Festival (SIFF) is now in its 10th year. Some 220 films were shown there (including a number of fringe films and videos presented at the Goethe Institute, and a retrospective of François Truffaut's films screened at the Alliance Française). Film critics and festival directors flew over to the Republic to view the sensitive selection of Asian cinema by the festival programmer Philip Cheah. In its competitive section for Asian films, the SIFF honours the winners with its Silver...