Marie Dressler, the Unlikeliest Star


  • Joan M. Boyd



SHE WAS a good old girl. Yes, that's what you think while reading author Betty Lee's biography, Marie Dressler, The Unlikeliest Star. It's a very satisfying book and it merits a careful reading. The prologue says what Marie Dressler was all about, really all about, and her story which follows is one of the most enjoyable I've ever read. It's dispassionate, it's non-judgmental, the author gives you time, date and place consistently, which isn't easy, considering the profession Marie was in and the number of times she bought and sold properties when she became affluent, and even before she became affluent. In our day, Marie Dressler would have been called a 'risk taker'. Her career was lived through five decades, at a time when there was constant opportunity for a great stage career, if you had the talent, skill, friends, luck and sheer perseverance to make a life in...






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