In Praise of Tim Burton

  • William Woof


IN PRAISE OF TIM BURTON: FINDING THE MASTERPIECE IN MARS ATTACKS "Science fiction is a literary province I used to visit fairly often; if I now visit it seldom, that is not because my taste has improved but because the province has changed, being now covered with new building estates, in a style I don't care for. But in the good old days I noticed that whenever critics said anything about it, they betrayed great ignorance.... A great many writers use it for satire; nearly all the most pungent criticism of the American way of life takes this form, and would at once be denounced as un-American if it ventured into any other. C.S. Lewis"(1) Published two years before his death in 1963, Lewis's comments on critical methods and practices were written in order to highlight the dangers of pigeonholing the entire corpus of a popular...