The Cinema of Manie van Rensburg (conclusion)

  • Martin P. Botha


THE CINEMA OF MANIE VAN RENSBURG: POPULAR MEMORIES OF AFRIKANERDOM (Conclusion) The name, Manie van Rensburg, is virtually unknown in Europe and the United States of America. Recently, some of his work was screened at a South African film festival in Amsterdam at the Kriterion cinema and I had the honour to present a lecture there on 7 October 1995 regarding Van Rensburg and his work. His work was also highlighted in a small retrospective during October 1996 at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. The following is the conclusion of the article the first part of which was published in KINEMA Fall 1997. 1939-1948: The Rise of Afrikaner NationalismFusion, and the consequent split between General Hertzog and D.F. Malan, was of the greatest significance in the history of Afrikaner nationalism. Although Malan's Purified National Party was numerically exceptionally weak, confined largely to the Cape Province and with only 19...