Taiwanese Filmmakers Wang Shaudi and Huang Liming

  • Jan Uhde


TAIWANESE FILMMAKERS WANG SHAUDI AND HUANG LIMING IN CONVERSATION WITH KINEMA After studying theatre in the United States, Wang Shaudi returned to Taiwan to a prolific career in television, directing many hours of TV drama and documentaries, and producing plays before making her first feature film Accidental legend (1996) followed by Yours and Mine (1997). Scriptwriter and producer Huang Liming studied journalism in Taiwan and the United States. She started writing for television sixteen years ago, penning stories for Shaudi's TV dramas. They are currently filming a 20-hour drama special for the fifth anniversary of Taiwan's Public Television Service in 2003. KINEMA spoke to the filmmakers about their first animated feature Grandma and her Ghosts (1998) which was screened at the 2002 Far East Film festival in Udine, Italy. KINEMA: What do you think of the general situation of animation production in Taiwan?Liming: The first university animation...