Deliverology in Community Economic Development: Enhancing Results Frameworks and Performance Measurement


  • Trevin S. Stratton



 This paper will assess the viability of implementing an alternative delivery model and performance measurement framework – commonly known as ‘deliverology’ – at the level of community economic development. First, a review of relevant literature on traditional economic development delivery models and performance metrics is conducted to determine strengths and weaknesses. Next, a deliverology approach is defined and analyzed to determine whether such a model can address the weaknesses of more traditional approaches. The results indicate that a deliverology approach has many potential advantages for economic development service delivery and addresses many of the weaknesses of current models and frameworks. Since deliverology remains rather new compared to more traditional approaches, further research in terms of a case study in a large urban municipality is recommended as a way to test the applicability of deliverology to community economic development. 

Keywords: deliverology, performance measurement, results and delivery framework, community economic development, service delivery model

Author Biography

Trevin S. Stratton

Dr. Trevin S. Stratton is the Chief Economist at the Canadian Chamber of Commerce. He previously held the position of National Lead for Economic Development at BDO Canada. Trevin's research has been published in Routledge's International Studies in Business History, cited in NATO's Strategic Foresight Analysis, and taught at Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government. Hehas held appointments as an International Scholar at Yale University's Jackson Institute for Global Affairs, as an E.C. Harwood Fellow at the American Institute for Economic Research, and as a lecturer in politics, economics, and international studies at the American University in Dubai.