"Formation" Interprets Freedom with Art


  • yuanheng zhu student




News and media have infiltrated society in a variety of ways, and political correctness has been instilled into everyone's mind, but does this really bring justice and freedom to people of color or marginalized groups? In fact, implicit targeting and discrimination continue to pervade modern society, because some reports reinforce and imply that injustice is justified and the unscrupulous media always try to confuse the public in the grey area and provoke more disputes in order to seek profit.

Most people may have noticed that people of colour and marginalized groups are not really treated fairly, but the voices of most people are not as powerful as those of influential people, such as artists. For example, Beyoncé shows us how she uses art media (music) to export her power and her thoughts with "Formation", which can be extended into three new concepts: the stereotype of Black people on social platforms; the real influence of Black artists; Black women face far more negativity than Black men. It must be emphasized that art always comes from life, and people need to learn how to see the cruel truth through art, and "Formation" just proves this.