Overcoming Repression: Effective Strategies of Contemporary Black Social Movements in Canada and the United States


  • Tigist Wame York University




Black activism, Black social movement, Black organizations, Black movements, effective strategies, Black experience in Canada, Black experience in the United States, Black social change, Repression


Although there has been an increase in Black activism after the murder of George Floyd in 2020, Black social movements continue to face obstacles. This research focuses on how pro-Black movements can overcome the repression they face to reach their goals of Black social change. Specifically, this research studies contemporary Black social movements in Canada and the United States to analyze what effective strategies are. This was examined by conducting ten qualitative, semi-structured interviews with members of contemporary Black social movements, with five being from Canada and five being from the United States. Research participants sat through interviews where conversations about their experiences with Black activism, as well as successful and unsuccessful strategies, were facilitated. This research concluded that effective strategies for Black movements to create Black social change are not heavily based on specific action strategies, such as rallies and protests, but more based on effective ways of organizing.