About the Journal

The Canadian Journal of Optometry is the Canadian Association of Optometrists' (CAO) premier publication.  With an open rate of 92% (2016 Member Survey), it is easily one of the best ways to share information with the membership, which represent nearly 85% of Canadian optometrists.

Manuscripts are usually considered for publication only if they are original contributions and have not been submitted for publication elsewhere.

Manuscripts submitted for consideration for publication are evaluated by any or all of the following:

  • journal editor;
  • members of a peer review board; and
  • two or more independent referees who are specially selected as nationally recognized experts in the subject area of the manuscript.

Referees judge the manuscript on one or more of the following criteria:

  • usefulness to the practicing optometrist;
  • compliance with the editorial standards and objectives of the journal with regard to the originality of the contribution;
  • clinical or scientific significance to the profession and suitability of the subject matter;
  • enrichment of the optometric and other scientific literature.

 Optometric journals generally publish six basic types of manuscripts:

  1. research reports
  2. clinical procedures
  3. case reports
  4. literature review
  5. practice management
  6. editorials