Conversation with Francesca Archibugi

  • Flavia Laviosa


CINEMA AS SOCIAL MIRROR: FLAVIA LAVIOSA IN CONVERSATION WITH ITALIAN DIRECTOR FRANCESCA ARCHIBUGI THE need to sublimate the familiar and ordinary in everyday life is a sentiment that underlies Francesca Archibugi's work. She offers audiences carefully orchestrated films dealing with a spectrum of sociological issues relating to the new Italian familyscape. Acting as a psychologist, sociologist, educator and parent, Archibugi can be defined as the director of the ‘growing-up' Italian. She documents, analyzes, chronicles and celebrates the qualities that make children and adolescents cultural protagonists of our era. The following interview is an analysis of the director's film production as a reflection of the socio-cultural changes in modern Italy. Laviosa: Children and adolescents are cultural protagonists in your films in the sense that they, "people of few years of age" as you define them, are often victims of family situations and they seem to act as moral judges towards the...