Italian Director Cristina Comencini

  • Flavia Laviosa


FLAVIA LAVIOSA IN CONVERSATION WITH ITALIAN DIRECTOR CRISTINA COMENCINI A PROLIFIC  film director and screenplay writer as well as an accomplished novelist, Cristina Comencini (1956) is well known for her novels and her numerous films. Together with Francesca Archibugi (1960) and Roberta Torre (1962), she is one of the new Italian filmmakers who, in the last sixteen years, have become famous for having put forward new assertive female characters in cinema, thanks also to a good commercial distribution of her works. Comencini's films, Zoo (1988); I divertimenti della vita privata (Amusements of the Private Life, 1990); La fine è nota (The End Is Known, 1992); Va' dove ti porta il cuore (Follow Your Heart, 1996); Matrimoni (Marriages, 1998); Liberate I pesci! (Free the Fish!, 1999); Il più bel giorno della mia vita (The Best Day of My Life, 2002); La bestia nel cuore (The Beast In the Heart, 2005);...