Truffaut's Antoine Doinel films DVD collection


  • Jan Uhde



The impact of the DVD revolution goes far beyond the indisputable and conspicuous improvement of the image quality available on the new carrier. The implications - a kind of ripple effect - are profound. Access to a great variety of films, formerly restricted to inhabitants of large metropolises, has been significantly improved. Good movies neglected by the existing distribution and exhibition structures are now coming within reach of practically anyone who desires them. One can even enjoy films which would otherwise be accessible only to a handful of researchers in film archives and research institutes. Restorations of old films offer a new perspective on the history of cinema: through these, viewers discover damaged, lost or censored image material; enjoy improved subtitles, upgraded musical scores. The DVD publishers are learning to observe aesthetic rules such as proper screen ratio which is often neglected by both the television broadcasters and videocassette producers....






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