Pierrot le fou DVD

  • Jan Uhde


Despite the proliferating production of DVDs of all kind - bare-bone titles, directors' cuts, discs with special material, collector's editions, digital transfers and restorations, "ultimate" collections, not to mention bootleg ware and the new blu-ray and high-definition discs - there are still many missing pieces in the DVD mosaic which include even the most significant milestones of cinema's not-so-long history. Who would believe, for example, that Erich von Stroheim's American silent classic Greed is still unavailable on DVD or that the DVD of Luchino Visconti's Ludwig would exist only on PAL-Region 2 in the German-Italian language? Some of the long overdue titles, however, are coming out. Most recently, Bernardo Bertolucci's brilliant and neglected The Conformist has in recent months appeared on the shelves as well as his historical opus 1900 (in a 315-minute uncut original version). Criterion has published Buñuel's Viridiana and Louis Malle's famous "adolescent trilogy": Murmur of the Heart,...
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