Montreal 2004

  • Ron Holloway


MONTREAL WORLD FILM FESTIVAL 2004 The 28th Montreal World Film Festival (26 August to 6 September 2004) is the story of the right film being at the right festival at the right time. Eran Riklis's Hacala Hasurit (The Syrian Bride, Israel-France-Germany) was awarded the four top prizes: Grand Prize of the Americas, FIPRESCI (International Critics) Prize, Ecumenical Prize, and the Air Canada People's Choice Prize. Never mind that the same film had also been voted the Prix du publique at the Locarno festival in August, for the FIAPF rules governing the eligibility of competition films in major festival are currently undergoing drastic change - due in great part, one might add, to last year's decision by Montreal director Serge Losique to drop his festival membership. And one can only cheer the good fortune of a modest film with quality production credits directed by an Israeli based in London, whose...