Vesoul 2005

  • Ron Holloway


VESOUL INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL OF ASIAN CINEMAS 2005 Cineastes with an incurable ache for Asian cinema are well advised to seek a cure at Vesoul. Indeed, Asian film festivals in western countries don't get much better than this annual event in an ancient town in the Haute-Saône province in eastern France. Now in its 11th year, the Vesoul International Festival of Asian Cinemas (22 February to 1 March 2005) was founded by Martine and Jean-Marc Théouanne, a teaching couple whose love for Asian cinema stems from back-packing days in the Far East. Enthusiastically supported by the home audience, Vesoul was breaking new ground back when Asian cinema was still an exotic sidebar attraction at major international film festivals. Over the years, as the festival extended its influence all the way to Paris, committed Asian cineastes climbed on board to lend a hand with programming and scouting reports - particularly Martine...