Interview with Elem Klimov

  • Ron Holloway


Interview with Elem Klimov at the Denver International Film Festival 1986 Ron Holloway: Elem, how many films have you made up to now?Elem Klimov: Over the past 20 years, I have made six feature-length films and one short film lasting only 18 minutes, a film called Larisa (1980). It's a biography of my wife, Larisa Shepitko (1938-1979). It was made as a tribute to the filmmaker Larisa Shepitko. A small film - but one of the most difficult films of my life. Which is your favourite among the feature films?None. Which then was the easiest film to make? Or the most difficult?None of them were very easy to make. Maybe Sport, Sport, Sport (1970) was the easiest, but that was because I didn't take it very seriously. And the most difficult one among the serious films was definitely Idi I smotri (Come and See, 1985)....