Vienna 2003

  • Ron Holloway


VIENNA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL 2003 Right from the start, V'03 - The 2003 Vienna International Film Festival (17-29 October 2003) - was something special. An extra day had to be added onto the schedule to accommodate the run on tickets - 5,000 more sold than last year, for an overall attendance of 75,200. Altogether, "a nearly historic number of visitors," said festival director Hans Hurch at the close of the Viennale. To my regret, I arrived a day too late to see John Ford's Bucking Broadway (1917), a "Cheyenne Harry" Carey five-reeler found three years ago by chance in the archive of the Cinémathèque Française under the title Far West Drama. It was the sixth of 26 films made with Harry Carey and featured a rescue scene with a posse of cowboys ride down Broadway. But I did make in time to see Erich von Stroheim's silent classic The Merry...