Cannes 2004 Report

  • Ron Holloway


THE "NEW" 57eme FESTIVAL DE CANNES 2004 FOR a quarter century the Cannes film festival has been associated, for better or for worse, with one name – Gilles Jacob. As the délégué général of the Festival International du Film for all of 23 years (since 1978), he selected the films, set its pace, and stood at the top of the stairs to welcome producers, directors, and stars to their premiere screenings in the Palais. Pierre Viot, the former festival president and Gilles’s right-hand man, took care of the diplomatic honneurs, while Christine Aimé ran the Service de presse like a Swiss watch. That’s all in the past. Cannes, the kingpin of all international film festivals, now has a new name, a new team, a new vision. First of all, the name. When guests arrived at this year’s event – the 57th – they saw the emblem...