Goa, India 2004

  • Siraj Syed


INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL OF INDIA, GOA 2004 Some¬†people have described the International Film Festival of India (IFFI) as a ‚Äėtravelling circus'. While it is true that the festival has been travelling all over the country, it would be irresponsible to call it a circus. Sometimes, local authorities do go overboard in adding-on sideshows, perhaps in an attempt to use the occasion a public relations exercise for their government. On other occasions, the local government has had strong film industry connections, so the display of razzle-dazzle and magnanimity was only natural. Nevertheless, there is always a generous serving of cinema from all over the world, including, of course, from the host country, which is the world-leader when it comes to the most number film produced annually. India has been holding international film festivals since 1952, first on an ad hoc basis, and then more regularly. But unlike almost all other...