Mumbai (Bombay) 2005

  • Siraj Syed


MUMBAI INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL 2005 MAMI, the acronym for the body that organises the International Film Festival of Mumbai (IFFM), stands for Mumbai Academy of the Moving Image. That's a curiously old-fashioned name for a body that was set up only about eight years ago. Run by film-makers and technicians, as against the central government funded and organised International 7th Film Festival of India (IFFI), IFFM had its seventh staging last January 6-13 in Mumbai. IFFM had some good films, a centrally located venue and the ever-enthusiastic captive film-buff audience of India's film capital. It also had some glitches, little glamour, and very few foreign delegates. Lack of funds is the bane of every festival, and IFFM has always felt the pinch. Money comes from some sponsors, a state (local) government grant, co-organisers in the shape of the central government's National Film Development Corporation (NFDC) and the P. L....