• Gönül Dönmez-Colin


OSIAN'S CINEFAN - FESTIVAL OF ASIAN AND ARAB CINEMA Celebrating its ninth birthday, Osian's Cinefan (New Delhi, 20-29 July 2007) once again confirmed its status as the most important film festival of India with its comprehensive program, select guest list and stimulating conferences and seminars. The festival, which started as a showcase of Asian cinema has already added a section of Arab cinema to its program a few years ago. This year, Arab films that do not come from the Asian countries were also allowed to enter the competition, which brought a more colorful quality to the program. The fact that a Tunisian filmmaker would share the same concerns with his or her Taiwanese counterpart was another confirmation of the fact that the world was becoming smaller each day and the problems of one country would unavoidably have repercussions on another country, even miles away. The opening film of...