Anatomy of Film (3rd ed)

  • Anton Karl Kozlovic


THE POPULAR Hollywood cinema has grown from toy to tool to become a mainstay of contemporary culture, which in turn has generated its own need for increasingly complex introductory guides. Bernard F. Dick's Anatomy of Film is one such offering. It sits well alongside other honourable exemplars in the field such as An Introduction to Film (Thomas & Vivian Sobchack), An Introduction to Film Studies (Jill Nelmes), The Art of Watching Film with CD-ROM (Joe Boggs an& Dennis W. Petrie), The Cinema Book (Pam Cook & Mieke Bernink), Film: An Introduction (William H. Phillips), Film Art: An Introduction with Tutorial CD-ROM (David Bordwell and Kristin Thompson), How to Read a Film (James Monaco), Movies and Meaning: An Introduction to Film (Stephen R. Prince), The Oxford Guide to Film Studies (John Hill and Pamela Church Gibson) and Understanding Movies (Louis Giannetti)....
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