The Art of Creative Scriptural Extrapolation

  • Anton Karl Kozlovic


THE ART OF CREATIVE SCRIPTURAL EXTRAPOLATION: BITHIAH, MERED AND I CHRONICLES 4:18 WITHIN CECIL B. DE MILLE'S THE TEN COMMANDMENTS (1956) DeMille: Master of the American Biblical Epic THE LEGENDARY Cecil B. DeMille(1) (1881-1959), affectionately know as "CB," was a seminal cofounder of Hollywood and a progenitor of Paramount studio who helped turn an obscure Californian orange grove into a major US movie production centre that became the synonym for filmmaking worldwide.(2) Not only did this pioneering "auteur of auteurs"(3) help institute "the Age of Hollywood,"(4) and is today considered "one of the comparatively few filmmakers who might justifiably be described as a 'household name'"(5), but he also earned an international reputation as the master of the American biblical epic and awarded such honorific tags as: "King of the epic Biblical spectacular,"(6) the "arch apostle of spectacle,"(7) the "high priest...