The Bon, the Bad and the Others

  • Christina Stojanova


The Bon, the Bad and the Others: Some Remarks on the Phenomenal Success of Bon Cop, Bad Cop in Quebec This article discusses some aspects of the phenomenal box-office success in Quebec of Bon Cop, Bad Cop directed by Eric Canuel, released in 2006. Let me first refer to some statistics: within nine weeks or so from its release in early August of 2006, Bon Cop, Bad Cop was a few thousand dollars short of equalling the box-office success of Porky's, the all-time Canadian box office success from the early 1980s, a raunchy Florida-set sex-comedy that made 11.2 million in Canada. Ninety percent of the box-office, however, came from the home province ticket sales of Bon Cop, Bad Cop, leaving far behind such recent viewers' darlings as Les Boys from 1997, La grande seduction and Les invasions barbares, both from 2003 and above all, Seraphin, the historical drama from...