Interview with Davide Pozzi

  • Yvonne Ng


INTERVIEW WITH DAVIDE POZZI, DIRECTOR, L'IMMAGINE RITROVATA Less often under the spotlight than filmmaking, producing or reviewing, film preservation and restoration are nevertheless crucial in keeping film cultural heritage alive for future generations. While preservation focuses on the proper storage of a film in a climate-controlled environment and may sometimes include film repair and copying, restoration aims to return a film to its entirety and original image quality as intended by its filmmakers, either through photochemical or digital processes. In recent decades, it has become increasingly clear to filmmakers, film historians, archives and libraries around the world that there is an urgent need to preserve and restore the fast growing amount of recorded film material that is rapidly being lost to deterioration. At the same time, film studios and film archives are realizing the commercial potential of restoring their collections of classics and re-releasing them theatrically as well as...