Director Jeffery Jeturian

  • Yvonne Ng


DIRECTOR JEFFERY JETURIAN IN CONVERSATION WITH YVONNE NG Born in 1959, Filipino director Jeffrey Jeturian won critical acclaim with his first feature drama, I Wish It Were Love (Sana pag-ibig na) in 1998. His second film Fetch a Pail of Water (Pila-balde, 2000), about life in the slums, received the Gold Award at the 2000 Worldfest International Film Festival in Houston, Texas and enjoyed commercial and critical success at home. It has played at numerous festivals, among them the Far East Film festival in Udine, Italy where this meeting with the filmmaker took place. Kinema: How did you get into filmmaking?Jeffery Jeturian: I studied broadcasting communication at the University of Philippines. That was supposed to be for television but right after school I went into film production. I started out as a production assistant and worked my way up into being a director. I worked as a script...