Havana 1994

  • Gideon Bachmann


CUBA: MAYBE NOT KICKING BUT ALIVE! Havana - There are no taxes in Cuba. That's a constitutional guarantee. There is also no street crime to speak of, no major drug problem, and a girl can walk home alone after a movie -- often many miles -- without worry. Of course, going home by bus would be better -- if they ran. And she'd find her way more easily if the streets were lit. In a country with no native energy source, those are the real luxuries, the ones Cuba can no longer afford. Not after the fall of the socialist block. Suddenly, Cuba is all alone out there. Meeting Castro, the man, is another surprise. In spanking new green battledress -- he's given up smoking Cohibas, they sell without his help -- he welcomes us in his marble-columned Palacio de la Revolucion and instead of a dose of "Socialismo...