Bread and Circuses

  • Gideon Bachmann


BREAD AND CIRCUSES: PRESENT AND FUTURE OF THE EUROPEAN CINEMA GIDEON Bachmann speaks to Ulrich Gregor, the renowned German historian and critic who organises the long-running Forum series of programmes at the Berlin Film Festival. The conversation took place on 6th June 1995, in Berlin.   GB: How healthy is European cinema? Is it true that its existence is threatened by the conquest of European screens by American movies? Can you see in which direction this form of art -- or, if you wish, this branch of business -- is heading? If the threat is real, does the European cinema have a chance, or will it always be a minority pleasure?UG: The threat certainly exists. It is enough to look at attendance figures: their language is clear. The market for European films in Europe itself has never been lower. Even in those countries traditionally seen as pivots of film...